Oh! I see you are a person of culture as well! I'm very glad you found your way to my homepage!


Let me introduce myself - I'm Gundega Virse, a Latvian artist, currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I've been creative since I can remember but around 2017 I started to make art my profession. I'm a self-tought artst, hence my unique, constantly changing art style. 

My work is mostly inspired by nature, popculture and magic (in the widest sense).

My goal is to create art that makes people feel good and helps them escape from reality, even if it's just for a brief moment. If you enjoy my art, be sure to visit my Etsy shop and follow me on instagram @mylasthigh

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Hi! Ich bin Gundega, eine Künstlerin aus Lettland. Als MyLastHigh kreiere ich Illustrationen, Aquarelle und andere kreative Projekte.

Commissions are open! Anfragen an MyLasthigh_Commissions@posteo.de